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Music City Star Online Sales
(NOTE: All online sales require 10-day advance purchase!)

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How to use the online sales pages

  • Use the form below to choose the types and quantity of tickets you would like to purchase.

  • Click the "Compute Totals" button below the form to see your total after you have filled in quantities. Don't forget to enter the security code shown.

  • After you have entered your security code, click the "Purchase" button to begin the order process on the next page.

  • Fill in your credit card, billing and shipping information on the purchase page and then click the "Continue to Confirmation Page" button.

  • Once you have confirmed your order on the confirmation page, click the "Place Order" button. Your order will be sent to our secure credit card processing server, and you should receive both a browser and email receipt.

Online Shipping Policy
After you have purchased your tickets or passes, they will be mailed to you within five business days. There is a minimum order of $18 plus shipping and handling. Shipping costs:

Standard Mail: $3.50
Certified Mail: $12.00

Note: The maximum total is $800. Shipping is within the U.S. only. All sales are final. If you do not receive your tickets or passes within a reasonable amount of time, please contact Customer Care at: 615-862-5950, or email: rta@nashville.gov. (Please allow at least one week for delivery prior to contacting WeGo.)

MCS 10-Ride Tickets
*Origination Station Choose Month Cost Quantity Totals
   Lebanon - Orange $47.25
   Martha - Purple $45.25
   Hamilton Springs $45.25
   Mt. Juliet - Green $43.00
   Hermitage - Blue $40.00
   Donelson - Red $17.75
MCS Monthly Pass(es)
*Origination Station Choose Month Cost Quantity Totals
   Lebanon - Orange $176.50
   Martha - Purple $168.00
   Hamilton Springs $168.00
   Mt. Juliet - Green $158.50
   Hermitage - Blue $150.25
   Donelson - Red $67.25
Grand TOTAL Quantity and Cost: total quantity

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